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Monday, February 9, 2015

Canada Loses Freedom of the Press

     Omar Cotter, has been blocked from being interviewed by the press as he sits in a Canadian prison. Political Interference, the very people elected to safeguard the principle of 'freedom of the press', are the one's taking it away, step by step. People who have something to hide, of course do not want it out in the open. What are you afraid of Harper? Losing the next election?  You keep talking in a threatening manner, and have no doubt made a personal enemy out of Putin.. 
     Any Gardener can see, that sending Military Aid to the Corrupt Ukrainian Government will lead to massive death and devastation in the country. How far will you go Harper?  Well, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, suggests, go no further, resign and take up growing a few peas and carrots. Non-Monsanto of course.
     Likely, from Your Glory Seat of Power, you will not like getting grounded. That would require a lighting bolt. The Garden Party Ministry according to John, has a few lightening bolts left, why don't you call him up, electricity can travel by phone. WW2 Merchant Marine Vet, John Currie, Lives In Harrison Hot Springs, BC.604-796-6411. He has a long life experience, got any questions. Call in the afternoon BC time. Be well grounded.

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