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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bill C 51 In The Outhouse.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, after a corrupt election the non voter won with a majority non vote of 52%. The Garden Party automatically became the undisputed Self Government of Canada. Bill C 51 being put forth by the fraud elected Harper Government, is counter productive, and will not be recognized as legal. Bill C 51 actually creates what It is supposed to prevent, Special Powers. Persecution, oppression along with poverty create fertile ground for power of suggestion. Exploiting, Poverty and Oppression, and getting bombs dropped on kids create a backlash, Bill C 51 should address these things but does not, and therefore put it in the outhouse.
     Planted more beets, peas, carrots, and lettuce, potatoes are coming up, another mild winter, so far.

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