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Thursday, February 19, 2015

40000 employees jobs in jeopardy.

    Yep, Canadian Arms Industry exposed for shady deals in Libya before and during uprisings of people against corrupt and oppressive governments. Canadians got it good, most still have no idea how corrupt their government is, and that they are planning more oppression by increased police powers.. Either the Harper Government is acting out of fear of a Spring and wants greater powers to prevent Spring from happening, or they want to put fear in Canadians of the bogeyman, and keep everybody divided and distracted while they sell off and garbage all the resources while keeping people blindly employed getting nothing done but making bigger land fill sites. And recycling is pretty much a farce, the process can consume more energy to reuse for a lower grade product, than the original manufacturing. In the end it's in the dump anyway. The goal now is to stop making all the stuff we do not need to make. Stop Buying, Stop Wasting, Quit Useless Jobs, Live In Tent or Truck if You Have Too, Bankrupt Every Corporation That values money more than people and their Life Support System. Now if that is not a subversive statement, undermining the numbers racket, threatening the Canadian Economy and the Stability of Corrupt Canadian Governments, we don't know what is. 
     The Garden Party suggests that we should all be known, not by our sweet self inflating words, but by actions done and doing. Potatoes are coming up, and so are the beets and two spinach. The Dandelions Are Deluxe right now. All parts are edible and by itself could keep a person alive for months. Just good to know. It is our most popular plant in the garden. It gives vitality to the elderly and will keep us kicking till they bury us, and maybe we will even come back as ghosts and scare the Hell out of them if necessary, and kick some more, amazing plant, that Dandelion.

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