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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Global Warming Cause Irrevelent.

    Even if the the people that claim global warming is a natural cycle, it does not mean wasteful consumption of Fossil Fuels is okay. It does not mean the misuse of petroleum products polluting our one planet from Pole to Pole is okay. It does not mean that wiping out other life forms for profits or entertainment is okay or a Natural cycle. The 'cause' arguement, who is right who is wrong, who cares, what does matter? Everybody should be very concerned that billions of tons of man made toxins that are being dumped in the air, water and land, stuffed in the animals we eat and spread on and in our plant foods. We in Canada do not need any terrorists to kill us, with our life style we will kill ourselves, and everybody else on the planet. That should scare the hell out of any 'terrorists', but what disasters more do Canadians need to get motivated to pick up a shovel and grow a garden? 
      The Garden Party, Self Gov. Of Canada is motivated to stop doing almost everything, and we hope to achieve a further reduction of a least 20% in 2015. We are still not driving on a tank of gas we purchased at a higher price in December, last year. Now we are waiting to see if the price goes back up a bit higher so we can get the full value for our purchase, before the next big drop insisted upon by our Minister of Underdevelopment. The Minister is doing less and has high hopes of nothing in particular. Peas are poking up today, helped a new young gardener with a fence to keep out the deer. Start small, change the world, and get to eat at the same time.

Friday, February 27, 2015

"Time for action",Harper.

Then take the action, and the first action, Mr. Harper is the action of listening to what the First Nations want, a National Inquiry. If you are unable to listen, what good will any of your actions be? You think you know what First Nations need?For starters you could try Respect as Equals. Maybe you might get invited to spend a few days in the houses of Grand Mothers, and get a real education on Listening. After all the Injustice done It is time for all Canadians to listen, and respond, to the First Nation Grandmothers. From Experience, Garden Party, Self Government of Anywhere, Policy, and grow a garden and stay out of trouble. Moved a truck load of old compost to the Nursery today, screened and ready to use.
    Pass it on Mail to Harper and to his supporters from our Minister Busybody.

National Inquiry, why No?

     Guilt, avoiding facing the Truth. Not all, but close to it, pretty well all older people in Canada grew up taught that First Nations were, stupid, lazy, inferior, liars, alcoholics, who couldn't take care of their kids, and could be abused with impunity. The fact that most Canadians, the Immigrants  carried these views, and many still do. They must all feel the Guilt when reminded of their past thoughts and words and actions, or non actions of the past. Some yet have not admitted to themselves their part in Crimes that have been perpetuated against First Nations, and continue at least until today.
     Hopefully a National Inquiry About The Missing and Murdered First Nations Girls and Women would show the racism that still exists in Canada. Past down from one generation to the next, perhaps this generation will bring about the end of all racism. Let the terrible truth of Canada be told, face it, accept it, and with First Nations, fix it. For starters, add your voice for the inquiry.
     And Grow A Garden, every kid should have access to good clean healthy food.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Students Bailout BC Gov.

     No doubt the Elected Gov. of BC who promised to make everybody rich selling off resources is trying hard to find funds. They have turned The Motor Vehicle Branch into a collection agency. That means all those struggling for survival graduate students that can't keep up their payments on student loans will lose their Drivers Licence. That is great news for The Garden Party's Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 20% In 2015. It should increase the non drivers to at least 30% this year. That will help keep the price for oil down.
      The main reason for the Elected BC Government for using drivers licences to collect debts is because the Garden Party Cancelled All Student Debt, and people have just quit paying. If the Liberal Party holds to this shake down policy, which works in our favour, they will lose much more in gasoline taxes. Perfect.
     Members of the Self Government of BC, do not recognize fraud elected governments unless they are working for us, and, in this case we encourage the Liberal Social Credit Conservative Coalition Mob to keep up the good work. We also would like to congratulate all students who stopped paying off their loans, keep up the good and keep on Gardening,  Garlic keeps growing regardless of what mob sits in the legislature.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why Banks are making Profits.

     Because Banks write money out of the sky. Your or your government's debt, borrowed from Banks become assets on their funny books, where a debt becomes an asset. Interest made on loans by Banks wouldn't pay the wages of their janitors, but their ability to write money out of nothing, issue loans and collect payments, or take control of the assets purchased by the loans, gives them the money to build their towers of worship, pay top brass millions each, and pass billions to investors behind this colossal scam. Banks, under our present structure can do nothing but make money with zero interest. Any wonder why 80 people have more assets than half the world population. 
     The Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party's Minister For Eliminating Finance has Declared Money be phased out, by developing a allergy to buying and selling. Simple giving and taking, is the new policy for the future. Far more efficient, far less corruptible, however we do expect at least 80 people to take more than they give. This year we are calling for a 20% reduction of Buying, and a 40% reduction of Selling. These are drastic cuts, but should be easiest on homeless and all those people lucky enough to have lost their jobs.
     Edmonton Alberta may be the Detroit of Canada, and the First of Canadian Cities to start Shrinking with half built monuments to bull shit abandoned, as dirty oil gets left where it is. That is all the good news from The Garden Today, where all stocks continue to grow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Garden Party Undermines Canadian Economy.

     We thought we had better make this clear before Harper stampedes Bill 51 through the Big House threatening all Gardeners of Terrorism. Certainly growing our own must be a threat to the Canadian economy. So is protecting resource exploitation and reducing lottery sales. Slowing down junk buying has now lowered steel prices which undermines viability of more Canadian mines. Lowering the price of a barrel of oil, encouraged by The Garden Party by calling for a 20% Reduction of Fossil Fuels use in 2015 has undermined Harper's Balanced Budget, that's a joke. And, our to be world popular, Stop Buying Everything campaign,  undermines Corporate Organized Crime, as a matter of fact, all corporations will collapse if we stop buying what they sell.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bill C 51 In The Outhouse.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, after a corrupt election the non voter won with a majority non vote of 52%. The Garden Party automatically became the undisputed Self Government of Canada. Bill C 51 being put forth by the fraud elected Harper Government, is counter productive, and will not be recognized as legal. Bill C 51 actually creates what It is supposed to prevent, Special Powers. Persecution, oppression along with poverty create fertile ground for power of suggestion. Exploiting, Poverty and Oppression, and getting bombs dropped on kids create a backlash, Bill C 51 should address these things but does not, and therefore put it in the outhouse.
     Planted more beets, peas, carrots, and lettuce, potatoes are coming up, another mild winter, so far.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Time for Involvement.

     Yes, everybody, brokers, bankers and funny money makers. Even if you are far removed from our social mess, and you can afford to live in a relatively clean environment while exploiting elsewhere, things are starting to bite back. With mighty politicians moving mountains for a buck, in Canada the public is being forced to subsidize LNG. The Corporations, get their Capital Investment paid for out of the public purse, and profits and ownership belong to them.  After all they have been making nice contributions to coin operated politicians in all major political parties. We live in a corrupt world, Top to bottom, bigger amounts at the so called Top, proportionate at the so called Bottom. At least when the bottom is corrupt, the trickle down theory works better, the less you have, the greater the need to share. The selfish may hang on, but loneliness and misery will be their company, and pain killers will shorten the length of suffering. 
      If one suffers the world suffers, we need relief almost everywhere, top to bottom, and we need to get to the root causes of almost all the world problems; Money and Religion. Fiscal and Spiritual Greed. Neither required for life, in truth. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Take 5 min, Save 5 weeks.

     Yes, our hired Civil Servants are all doing exactly as told to do, follow procedure, and, it is amazing how much can be made out of nothing.
    This is what it seems happened. A young women, with a disability, when a person got upset with her, she would end up getting super upset. So a little incident happened with a truck parked where she needed to turn. Skip the details, driver yelled at her, she panicked, called 911, was told not to move her car. So police found a scared woman and a sensible truck driver, pulled her licence, which she needed for work. Her disability stems somewhere from her past of abuse, apparently also 41/2 years with a common law husband that abused her badly She also had a head injury from a car accident and had been paid a large sum of money from that accident. The 41/2 year affair started after she had the accident settlement money. Remember this is only half a story. Forget the details, her money went to buy a big fancy house, now the once partner, is trying to grab the house as his, he has been paying mortgage payments, anonymously, or with his name, even if he used her money for payments, anyway all her money got spent and she now lives in fear of being on the street. Because of abuse court ordered he stay away from her. So you see, she needed income to pay for house maintenance and she is living in the house. She is good at her jobs, cleaning and organizing older peoples and handicapped peoples houses scattered around the urban and rural area. She is entitled to disability checks herself, but the dept of government issuing the checks would not give here enough to pay the mortgage and live. When she makes money working they deduct it off her checks. The ex boyfriend is actively attempting to grab the house by any means. He has recently been paying money out of his pocket, but not allowing the bank to release his name as the mortgage payer, that way she cannot prove she didn't pay the mortgage. Therefore her income, from disability deducts mortgage payment as income. She cannot pay her basic bills and eat so she works and likes working. No drivers licence means, no job, no house, or money for a lawyer. And just think of all the jobs that will be made when the lawyers start the staged battle over the house, you know who will get their share.
     So Friday at a meeting to with a friend, a wheelchair advocate and helper, MLA and secretary that took a hour trying to sort out the demand of motor vehicle branch, social services, disability check dept, doctors letters, took a hour, five people five hours, for just the meeting and as much time for people to get to the meeting to photocopy letters and statements, that guarantees five more hours of contacting so and so to get this paper to nullify that paper, five hours more used up making five more hours work at the other end, and it will still be far from over, and might never end. Perfect job creation that can drag on after making one dumb action of impatience, or inconsideration turned into weeks of stress and blame and frustration, and of course pay checks, the outcome is irrelevant. The whole process is completely wasteful and unsustainable, and this insanity is being repeated everywhere by half the population everyday except World Do Nothing Days. 
    This is Canada, land of snow and biting bugs, apparently not enough of either. We are celebrating World Buy Nothing Day Feb 21, and World Do Nothing Day Feb 22. Enjoy two days packed with action.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

40000 employees jobs in jeopardy.

    Yep, Canadian Arms Industry exposed for shady deals in Libya before and during uprisings of people against corrupt and oppressive governments. Canadians got it good, most still have no idea how corrupt their government is, and that they are planning more oppression by increased police powers.. Either the Harper Government is acting out of fear of a Spring and wants greater powers to prevent Spring from happening, or they want to put fear in Canadians of the bogeyman, and keep everybody divided and distracted while they sell off and garbage all the resources while keeping people blindly employed getting nothing done but making bigger land fill sites. And recycling is pretty much a farce, the process can consume more energy to reuse for a lower grade product, than the original manufacturing. In the end it's in the dump anyway. The goal now is to stop making all the stuff we do not need to make. Stop Buying, Stop Wasting, Quit Useless Jobs, Live In Tent or Truck if You Have Too, Bankrupt Every Corporation That values money more than people and their Life Support System. Now if that is not a subversive statement, undermining the numbers racket, threatening the Canadian Economy and the Stability of Corrupt Canadian Governments, we don't know what is. 
     The Garden Party suggests that we should all be known, not by our sweet self inflating words, but by actions done and doing. Potatoes are coming up, and so are the beets and two spinach. The Dandelions Are Deluxe right now. All parts are edible and by itself could keep a person alive for months. Just good to know. It is our most popular plant in the garden. It gives vitality to the elderly and will keep us kicking till they bury us, and maybe we will even come back as ghosts and scare the Hell out of them if necessary, and kick some more, amazing plant, that Dandelion.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of the conflict in Ukraine.

     A careful look should be taken by an reporter to investigate the history that led to the present conflict. The history going back ten years or so, what was Going on behind the scenes by US diplomats,  bankers and the IMF, what corporations were spoon feeding US and Ukraine corruption. Were these and others like UK also involved, are they responsible for the break up of Ukraine and thousands dead? We do know that the PM of Canada added fuel to the fire and has full rights to claim some responsibility. We also know the Corporate Peddler of Poison, Monsanto was quick to make friends with corrupt members of the Ukraine Government. Just like they have friends in the Canadian Government.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CSIS to screw with web.

     One of the new powers to be given CSIS, Canada secret police, is the ability to covertly interfere with radical websites, with no oversight. The Garden Party welcomes spies, how else are we going to get the word out?  We just don't like the Secret Part. Or the Interfere with websites part.
     Special Powers to Arrest and Detain, covertly. Worked very well for Stalin to take over Russia. The New Powers Bill that Power Tripper Holier Than Thou fraud Prime Minister of Snow Banks Harper is tobogganing through the Big House, is a tool, if passed, will then exist, above the law in Canada. That Tool has as much powers in the hands of a Prime Minister as Stalin had when he took over control of government, jailed and caused the deaths of tens of millions of Russians.  It can be difficult to undo a secret police once it is established and is given rights to act beyond the law, covertly. Might be better to shout 'NO' from the roof tops now than in solitary later. 
      The Garden Party does not want to see any powers greater than a shovel in the hands of a PM. Not that we are concerned as Capitalism is already history in the Garden Party. We have no intentions of building any pipelines, doing any fracking, maintaining borders, holding fixed elections or profiting from weapons of death. Yes, We also have been actively undermining The Capitalist System, The Federal Farce of Government, The Believe in Money as a Value, and a few thousand other things, like Flying Gladiators, herbicides, parking meters, and stinky cloths people use in cloths dryers. And definitely we are undermining stability of Corporate Pulp and Paper Mills, thus adding to destabilizing the Canadian Economy by getting people across Canada to cut back their toilet paper use by 20% in 2015. Just see what happens when we call for another 20% reduction in 2016. It could get messy. 
      First Lamb born, and added a rooster with our three chickens, now we are undermining by direct action the corporate meat industries, all under the radar, out in the open, almost completely invisible. Every spy that shows up gets a shovel and goes underground. We are in the 'anti petroleum' action movement, our truck has been parked for six weeks and all gardens are done without petroleum, proof we are a security threat to Canada, so say the RCMP, a rent a cop business where the government in Canada gets most of their police. Of course as the Garden Party evolves, 'rent a cop business' will also be undermined and pass into history.

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Manufacturing in Canada.

     Big Manufacturing, big plants in a few locations is not sustainable, practical, or efficient. Nor is the philosophy of management where dollars are the main driving force, and real service to the community means nothing. Like manufacturing junk because stupid will buy junk, or get subliminally commandeered to buy junk and money is spent and money is made, and garbage dumps get fuller of wasted resources.
      So, The Self Government of BC, the Garden Party, that was denied access to participate fully in the last election, is expanding its manufacturing through out BC. We always start at home, Garden Base, 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria. We develop our solutions, in action from what we have where we are, but are mobile enough to develop our solutions through out BC. Every project is like a bit of paint on a province wide painting, and we want a nice picture that everyone can participate in, a work of living art. Of course we don't want to be spiritual greedy, so our art will stroke beyond all imaginary borders, and the well being of all the world's inhabitants is part of our picture.
       Our local food processing is established in five locations and we have a mobile operation, basic canning and drying. Use of one abattoir with two in planning stages, two expanding nurseries  with a larger one getting started this Spring in middle BC, for  higher Altitude and Northern plants i
     All our projects start small, alter and change and expand or refine and develop. The models that work are then started anywhere needed, which can quickly get up to speed when people resources and locations can be attained. There is no unemployment in BC if you are working for the Government, that is The Self Government Garden Party, we can find a job for anyone that just wants to work and doesn't need to be paid. Good Food for all is a Goal, locally controlled and sustainable.  We are now raising sheep on one location, and hope to get another location started this year. We will expand into birds as well, that could happen this Spring also. Each location will have a priority for propagation, to set up more production until every one's needs can be provided.  In the plans of course, Bee Hives, and a small steel mill.
     One other important detail, we set our own standards without elected government interference. The Election process denied our participation, it stands to reason, they therefore have no say in what we do, and certainly fraud elections do not have authority over the birds that flew out of the coop towards Freedom. Utilize the one freedom you still have, a garden is a good place to start, or work in our nursery or our just starting up lumber mill. No paperwork to create useless jobs and wasted lives and resources. Hands on education, from birth to death classes, issuing all Degrees of Insanity. Will be recognized by all the best Universities in the world. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Patience, understanding, compassion.

     Are they learned, taken in by osmosis, or in our DNA? Why is it so lacking in every Public Facility that is there to service the public? Even smiles are rare,  not that we pay civil servants to smile, no, we pay  them to give us forms to fill out, and machines to talk to, dead ones and lives ones. That is what happens in all government departments. When it comes to service of the Public, they Lack Patience to listen to problems that people present. If they listen they can get a understanding of the individual public.
      With understanding, compassion would be possible, and likely, and action might be taken immediately to rectify the problem. That would make everybody smile. And that folks is what your government empire builders are not doing, at all levels. They don't volunteer information, to avoid delays, so The Garden Party, One More Time, Fires all elected Governments in Canada. It would be way more efficient to do ourselves, than hire grumpy civil servants to do anything, other than give you another piece of paper to fill out that will never be looked at again.
     The Garden Party declares Self Government Everywhere, and Feb 21st a permanent Holiday for all Civil Servants, sorry for the temporary inconvenience. If you have a complaint fill out form SOS 101, and mail it to.....who can we blame for all our problems..... ? Putin, send it to Putin, and Plant a garden, there are a lot of refugees to feed. Self Government in action, jobs everywhere, no pay but benefits beyond what money can buy.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Everybody has got to live.

     Pros and Cons of Money. If you have none, nobody can steal what you don't have. You won't waste energy or wear holes in your pockets carting scrap metal and paper around. We are not talking here about replacing money with plastic cards, bit coins, shells or any form of IOU. Just dropping the use of money would eliminate at least 25% of what are called jobs. Now, if we were functioning without money, we would not have cashiers, accountants, bank tellers, armoured cars,  tax collectors, insurance salesmen, parking meters, collection agencies, or donation basket carriers. Lotteries and gambling would be out the window, mugging would decrease, as would jail sentences. Which leads to less police chases after bank robbers. There have been a lot of useless things done and made for money, most of our environmental damage has been caused by chasing the gold, seeking the buck, and peddling junk. One of the biggest, bigger than the military, is the advertising industry, another money service activity.
     How do we get out of the life long habit of using money. Cancel all debts owed to you, if you owe, resolve it, and only as a last resort go into debt, if you owe, you are less free, if someone owes you and intends to pay you, you control that person's freedom. We all should by what we do, give and receive. The well being of a family depends on the well being of all the individuals in that family. Because money appears to be the only show in town, does not mean we have to participate in that corrupted movie. Kick money out of directing our actions and lives. We will still have to do a lot of things that we now do for money, but we won't have to do twice as much and have twice as many people to get half the results.
    Seems pretty clear, more money is more waste. The Garden Party is moving down the value of all currency to Zero Value. A pea will still be a pea,  


Plastics Production Going Down

    8 million metric tons in the ocean every year. Production is around 275 million metric tons. Time has come to avoid Plastics like the plague. It is possible that plastics may be worse than the plagues of the past that only wiped out 30 to 50% of the population. We evolved without plastics and we can continue to evolve without them now. Stop Buying Plastics, production is toxic, disposal is toxic, if you burn, bury, or throw them in the ocean they remain toxic. Best solution, STOP BUYING PLASTICS.
     2015 is World Cut Back 20% of Everything Year. The Garden Party is easily surpassing the 20% cut back to make up for those not yet complying to our Self Government Law.  Penalty for failing to comply could get you a sentence of extinction, without parole. All appeals will be unheard. 
     Easy way to reduced 20% of food buying and plastics is GROW A GARDEN, we have seeds and plants ready to go, limited amounts, no money required. Need more good advice, talk to a shovel and go underground.
     The Sheep are multiplying. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Transparent, equal and open.

     This is what Canadians are, according to Harper, the fraudulent elected Prime Minister of Canada, Transparent, Equal, and Open. Nice words. He is none of the three nice words. Transparent, well, he might be, for the people who have eyes that see, they are not happy with what they see. Equal? There is nothing equal in Canada, except the icing on the cake. And Open? There is a certainly a lack of it in the Prime Ministers Office. 
     Mr Harper presents himself as the embodiment of his words, which he presents as All Canadians, we Canadian all think this or that, want this or that, and carries on with what He Believes, thinks, and wants. In any form of Government, that has this kind of leadership, and powers over Military and The Courts,  it's form of government is flawed. Top down rule with impunity, is a flawed system, in the wrong hands, we have only to look at history. Time to pull in the powers of central rule.

    Multiplying Onions.
    Chickweed and garlic.