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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Else in Hell, Can I do?

     The Garden Party is Calling For A World Evolution Revolution. Arab Spring, not what can be called a success. At least, not yet. The problem of just removing leaders, with the machinery still in place that operates government functions, and most of the middle class, and, the people still being slaves of money, the best you can hope for is elections where you soon lose a say in what the Government does.
     So when 'the people' throw out the leaders, it is recommended that a lot of obstacles also need to go with the leaders. Prepare for the collapse of your countries monitory system. People Need to eat, they need water. So as a FIRST ACT OF A WORLD REVOLUTION, GROW A GARDEN. Second act, tell people you are taking over the Government and all the people need to eat without relying on imports. Means you will need lots of help, get extra shovels and hold all meetings in the garden. Take it from there, evolve, leave our the useless, do your best, and improve. Lots needs doing, and gardening will keep you grounded.
     Basically, you are taking control of Government, your vote counts, and we do not need elections. Now, what is the goal? To take over Government? Already Done. The Goal of course is Paradise. In Paradise every body has enough toxic free healthy food to eat, and the supply is sustainable. So tell everyone you are working on it, and scream for help.
      We will celebrate when all have what they need, and evolve.

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