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Sunday, January 25, 2015

We shall overcome, Greece

     To the People of Greece, Pass it on Mail. 
     You don't need loans to pay for loans. All you will get is more debt.. it's a numbers racket. Besides, The New World Order, implemented by The World Garden Party Declares Again, all debt, that creates a hardship for the borrower is automatically forgiven. Nobody needs money, except tourists, you can take their money, then go to their place and give it back to them. You don't need money in Greece.
      We are evolving beyond money in Canada, and hope to send dollars and non sense into History as another mistake corrected, and completely composted, in seven years. Cost and Value, will be measured in real terms, and least cost for most value would be the  desired economy. That is the New World Order.
     Planted two kinds of peas, and a few beets, kale and parsnip. Also potted about forty Dandelions.

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