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Monday, January 5, 2015

We Clean Up After Ourselves.

     Taipei, Taiwan. The people consider it a 'civic responsibility' to clean up after yourself. They have a clean city, few street garbage cans, small number of street cleaners, and the amount they are cleaning up is decreasing. Congratulations to the people living in Taipei.
      We like that, 'civic responsibility'. To clean up after yourself. No litter laws, no turfed garbage in the bush. No laws against glass and broken chairs left at campsites.
      The Minister For More Unemployment, after pressures from The Garden Party Minister of Austerity , has past a new law. 'Civic Responsibility' Law 101. Clean Up After Yourself. The easiest mess to clean up is the one you don't make. That will enable the Minister to lay off the thousands of employees cleaning up after 'civic irresponsibility'. Failure to follow the intent of the law will result in screaming directed at you from all directions. Unemployed cigarette butt Pickers can now go picking mushrooms.
     Civic Responsibility, New World Order.

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