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Friday, January 2, 2015

The death of money, Amen.

     This may not be popular with the one percent of the once called rich or the forty seven percent that wish to be, but we have found a cure for the mental disease of money seekers. If solution were applied full strength, many would be lost, so we recommend a process that can bring down the fever without losing sight of the goal, full cure.
     The Garden Party, now international, hopes that a total eradication of this communicable disease will be accomplished in seven years. It could happen for some yet unforeseen reason that the whole house of cards collapses sooner, but we definitely see the end of money. Absolutely worthless in seven years. That means all numbers workers; investment bankers, stock markets, insurance agents, tax collectors, will be unemployed, with worthless pensions.  If they all start gardening now, they may be able to feed themselves when money exists only in history. Our survival, the earth's survival, depends on our ability to slow down our consumption and growth driven by the desire for more money, which under present beliefs, equals power. Left to its own it would eat itself, self destruct, but if it left unchecked to its bitter end, much more will be wiped out, as is happening today. 
Jan 21st, World Buy Nothing Day. How many days can you last now without money? Perhaps a better question might be, How long will the world last with money? Funeral Services of Money taking place in the Garden daily.

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