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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Death of Cash.

     There is a very limited amount of actual currency. Most money today is numbers on a computer chip. In other words, a fairy tale, if 5% depositors withdrew their savings in cash, banks would run out of currency. The money that people think they have does not exist.
     Just like paper gold, there may well be hundreds or even thousands of times more paper gold certificates than actual gold. A lot of people will be short changed if 5% suddenly cashed in the paper gold certificates for actual gold. They would be given dollars, not gold. Tough for the other 95%, that much gold does not exist, paper gold certificates are worthless, what gold does exist is held privately. At any rate it's real value has not changed since creation. It has good conductivity and is shiny, but to most Gardeners iron is more useful metal. Gold like money, value is in the conditioned mind, and a potato is far more valuable than a chunk of gold.  We suggest to those with gold to sell, and buy potatoes that have not been treated with anti-sprout chemicals, dig up your lawn and plant potatoes. Now, that is value.

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