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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tax breaks for middle class?

Obama wants to maintain the buffer class between the rich and poor. The Garden Party is shrinking the middle class that is maintaining useless activities, and sucking off high rewards. One could easily show that the poor do most of the valuable work, but, the middle class get involved in politics and law, and have set up a comfortable way of life, they do not know what they are missing, busy busy busy getting nothing done of any value, just buying and throwing in the garbage can, and looking for ways to entertain themselves. Gardening relieves Stress.
     The good news is that our Minister For More Unemployment is successfully shutting down Fast Toxic Food Outlets. Also a reminder, Jan 21 is World Buy Nothing Day, and watch another Big Box of Junk Target Store, Close. Monsanto, your day is near. Plant a garden, grow seed, boycott Monsanto, and any outlet that carries their products.
     A message from the One and not only Government of Canada, The Garden Party's Minister of Propaganda. 

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