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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Short And Contained Downturn?

     Alberta, Canada, where plans were made to get rich from tar sands dirty oil, are hoping the price of oil will go back up. The numbers used up to produce a barrel of dirty oil is $50 to $80, if the oil price stays below $45, for two years, the oil towns will be ghost towns. 
     We repeat our suggestion to leave the oil in the ground, clean up the mess they have already made, and clear out of the tar sands. We expect oil to drop to $35 a barrel in 2015, and that is not the bottom. 
     Get ready for another avalanche to look forward to, coming soon to Alberta and BC, real estate. House prices are going to go down the slope in Western Canada as tent cities pop up. So if you have your pension funds in oil or property get out now, and invest in a tent. Start a garden. 

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