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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Professional Legal Terrorists.

     Monsanto is the first one that comes to mind. Agent Orange and Vietnam. Horror of a magnitude unequalled by any terrorist  organization since. No surveillance, investigation, charges or jail time, no restitution or even a apology. There are 100,000 other stories about each of the thousands of chemicals killers Monsanto has pushed on the market with no foresight, blinded by moneygod and power. Fanatical Extremists. They are far more dangerous and are killing more every day. Wake up, cancer cases increase as fast as profits.
      Now we could go through all Corporations and rightly call most of them terrorists, aided and supported by the lied to majority of the people. What are we going to do with all those lied to people who aid terrorists, lock everybody up? 
     Shut down this dumb numbers racket and shut down Corporations. There interests are anti social and very few care about the environment or the quality of life. This is 2015, the Garden Party is calling for a complete World Ban of Monsanto Products This Year, and start your own free from chemical garden. Planted more potatoes today. Sure nice to get a day off on Jan 21st, World Do Nothing Day, for you that celebrate Do Nothing Day every day, Jan 21st will be a welcome change.

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