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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Problems with Democracy.

     Elected Governments in Canada often ignore majority desires, and only back off their plans when threatened by a uprising, it is pretty hard to get a Canadian off the couch to plant a garden, up risings are rare, and Gardens were getting rare until recently.
     A example of a Dictator Democratic Government is the BC Liberal Party. They got elected because they spent the most money, were given corporate media support, and we have a corrupt election process that eliminates 50% of the eligible voters from fully participating. 
    Site C Dam is opposed by First Nations, Farmers, Environmental Groups, The Garden Party's 29,952 spies, and 99% of the informed Public, a definite majority. So why does the present government want this mega project? Who gains and who loses? Corruption and Politics, a reality in Democracies from their beginning, and they just get better at it.
     10 To 15 billion public dollars to play with,  the movers and shakers have been preparing this for years. Yet the general  public has only been informed since the last election, not during or before. To stop the development it might take a uprising. Ready to get off the couch? Bring a shovel.

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