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Friday, January 2, 2015

Prison Programs Dying, Canada.

     Does Harper get off on human suffering? Yes, that guy that calls himself prime minister of Canada who wants more prisons, and at the same time is killing all the programs for inmates, even those that do have proven positive social benefits. Under Harper, sentences have become longer, torture by isolation is condoned, and common.
      All enforcement systems gradually lose their humanities regardless who calls themselves Prime Coin Polisher. It is the nature of the beast. Give them power, they seek more, when they have enough power to take more, they do, next thing you know, you have non, and you do not matter. If you protest, today you are called a terrorist, tomorrow you may be in isolation. 
     Harper, if given the opportunity will privatize prisons and follow the US model of prison systems. Likely the worse of all in so called Democratic Countries.
     Slow erosion of freedoms fought for, well entrenched capitalist control by a few well to do, it is really not far removed from Fascism. A few rule, slaves serve, excess in prison, or dumped on the street. Enforced letter of the Law, with guns, courts and jails. Add in forced labour and gas chambers and you have Hitler, throw in huge prison systems where millions were shot, tortured or starved just on the way to prison and you have Stalin. He out did Hitler, if you want to measure by numbers. Both hated Socialists and Communists. Of course everybody that was somebody, Mussolini, Franco in Spain, Churchill, Roosevelt, all felt threatened by Socialists and Communists.The leaders of the day had somethings in common with the present Conservative Leadership in Canada today.
     We make no bones about it, the US Government has interfered with many countries trying to get rid of corrupt and oppressive dictators. Canada too, especially in Latin America with the Canadian Mining Industries. They should be held accountable for the damage the have done and are still doing socially and environmentally.
    This is 2015, we do not have to put up with disagreeable Leaders. All we have to do is nothing for a week. Just for practice, Jan 21st, World Do Nothing Day, do not miss the action.

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