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Monday, January 5, 2015

Oil Price Dropping to $35.

    We can expect 20% less flying and driving in 2015. We are cutting back on our use of fossil fuels. We forecast the oil price to drop to $35 barrel in 2015. There will also be a large drop in the use of plastics as we move through the year.
     Our forecasts are accurate every time, since we are the cause, we have insider information. We are driving all the markets to the ground. Sell everything you have and invest in a Food Bank in your community and get your investment growing. Growing Gardens.
     Weed and Feed for lawns kills everything including kids. We expect it off the market as we are digging up the lawns and bringing in a bit of diversity.  Grapes, figs, potatoes, peas birds, frogs, bees. All hand tools, for exercise. Lawn mower sales will be down along with a lot of gas consuming mechanical toys. 
    Keep driving less and the price will continue down. Less cars,. 20% Less Driving,  2015. Keep walking and talking. And of course Gardening.

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