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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Made in Canada, Killer.

     Weed and Feed, read the label. This toxic waste is being put on lawns by the ton in every neighbourhood in Canada. Are we just plain dumb or completely brain dead? How much more evidence do people need? Even the dogs and cats are sick. 
    The chemical pushers are after profits, they straight out lie about herbicides being safe, they are stuffing their safes and it appears they are beyond reasoning ability, or perhaps they just do not care. Where is the 'civic responsibility' of the employees of these manufacturers, distributors, retailers, applicators? Just doing their job? 
     The Garden Party claims Screaming Loudly about herbicides when you see them and then walking out of any location selling the killers. Also check the lawns where you visit, if there are no weeds, Scream loud enough for the whole street to hear, and run for your kids life. This will work much faster than trying to get coin operated politicians to legislate sanity. Out with all herbicides and pesticides, period.
     A friendly message from The Garden Party, starting off the new year right. Screaming. Grow a Garden, it has a calming affect. Prepared more garden space today.

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