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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lotteries Composted

     Right in front of everybody, the save the trees guys, eat organic group, stop the pipe line people, tough on crime mob, right to life crowd, cut back 20% everything bunch, waste not conservatives, Cite C Dam protesters, we have lotteries everywhere. Train loads of aluminium, plastic, paper, ink and chemical lottery tickets, all useless garbage production. Add in distribution, resource extraction, manufacturing, equipment, advertising, retailing,  energy consumption, disposal, and hundreds of thousands of hours of human labour selling or waiting in line ups for people to buy or cash in winning tickets of addicts and brain dead buyers every day, and you have waste and pollution, added social problems all for making money without any real value. Ticket sellers use deception such as money raised for Hospitals or charities. Two cents on the dollar, if that, goes to causes. And half that is often spent on questionable charities and administration. So for every 100 dollars spent on tickets, perhaps 50 cents might actually benefit a worthy cause. The rest goes to ticket winners and legal organized crime. Nuts!
     The Garden Party is shutting down lotteries by refusing to purchase a single ticket. We expect to shut down this waste of energy and resources by the end of 2015. We consider ticket buyers anti social polluters even if they want to save the whales. Speak out in your next line up of losers, if this kind of jobs jobs jobs continues we are all losers. 

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