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Friday, January 23, 2015

If we don't do it, Somebody else will.

      If we don't become a arms dealer for the world somebody else will. That lame brain excuse is one commonly used in Canada by many Canadians to justify their actions that they know are anti productive to the overall well being of people and the environment. It is being used by the Elected Federal Government of Canada, while on one hand taking a leading roll on condemning 'terrorism' while the other hand is taking in cash and  making jobs pumping weapons into the world that are now being used by the same 'terrorists'. If we don't do it, somebody else will.
      As a individual, if I don't grow a garden, does that mean someone else will? It is more likely that if I grow a garden, someone else will. Just like if I make big profits from weapons, others who place profits over human life, will also say, if I don't do it someone else will. Therefore justifying negative acts to themselves, just like the Elected Government of Canada.
     The Self Government of Canada, the Garden Party Minister of Unemployment claims that if he refuses to convert shovels to bullets, there will be less bullets and plenty of shovels. Therefore the statement is nothing more than ducking your own bullets and justifying your participation of more arms for killing. The Garden Party is calling on all plumbers to boycott the arms industry toilets. Truck drivers and longshoremen to refuse handing of arms for export. And of course the Gardeners will refuse to provide carrots and broken shovels. 
      Even if Gardeners might be considered 'terrorists', under new laws, we are calling for the shut down of all of the Canadian Arms Industries, also Uranium Mining, and, to give the present elected government shovels so they dig in and be of some value to advancing our project, CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SEVEN YEARS. If we do it, somebody else will, Garden Party Philosophy. 

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