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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going Down Good News.

     The unregistered Garden Party, Self Government of Canada's Minister of Propaganda, Busybody, Forecasts the end of the fashion industries. Our Minister For More Unemployment has only one tie and claims he will never wear it out. 
     Commodity products, local enterprises, providing the real needs of the local community, is a part of The New World Order. Not necessarily cutting off all imports, but always being able to provide what is necessary, should  imported goods gets cut off in our unpredictable world. Local controlled self reliant industries, including energy sources and food supplies are goals to achieve around the globe. Control must be local, and have the ability for long term sustainability, without a need for money, that is The New World Order. 
     It is the Gardeners job to feed the blacksmith, and the Blacksmiths job to make sure the gardener has tools grow food. The Gardeners goal is, everybody gets fed, 

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