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Monday, January 12, 2015

Get Politically Envolved?

      The New World Order is conducive to political involvement. Trying to change anything by our present established forms of government takes thirty years. OK, work on that too, every little bit helps. But the process of elections where money spent dictates winners and losers, to make a law or get rid of one, requires majority vote by elected members. It all takes to long, cost fifty times as much, for half a job. It only makes sense to make the change yourself, Self Government. There are other ways to get things done. Elect Yourself, Go to work on the change, you are now  practicing participatory government, the New World Order, the future form of government, from the bottom up. Basically of, by and for all the people, beyond money control, the future is taking place as we dig up lawns and plant potatoes. 

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