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Saturday, January 24, 2015

For Bank Tellers.

      When a bank teller saw three months of pension checks, she commented that I had been saving them up for a long time. My immediate mental response was 'life is too precious to waste five minutes in a bank in a life time, cash my checks so I can get out of here, money is unwarranted torture.' Poor teller, locked up in a bank all day, guarded, gets out on weekends for good behaviour, and volunteers to lock herself up at night in a cell that she pays for,  often with cell mates,  without guards. Escapes are rare, when they do, they usually go back, but not any more, Canadian Banks have already started layoffs. Tent City and Food Banks for Tellers.
     The days of Banks are drawing to a close anyway, so why wait to get laid off without pay and waste another five minutes of your precious life chippy changing numbers to make profits for slave masters? Drop the chains, break free from insanity. Grow a Garden.
     Next special World Buy Nothing Day, Feb 14th. Valentines, just another for profit corporate hyped event. If you love me truly, buy me nothing and I will know your love is true. Wonder what the result we be, will just have to wait and see, on Feb 15. Happy Buy Nothing Day, in advance in case I miss it.

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