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Monday, January 5, 2015

Don't Let Anything Hold You Back

    You may have to work twice as hard at it because you lack some tools, but if you want to garden and have no ground, find a planter pot and half fill with your food wastes, fill to the top with dirt or sweep your floor and put that dirt on your compost. Then water and wait, see what comes up, stick in a garlic clove. Our first planted pot of Garlic started 3 years ago. Now pots cover a football field area that is expanding constantly.
     Our gardens will continue expanding until BC CAN FEED BC. Our goal is to get this done IN SEVEN YEARS. Might be good think about seeds this time of year. Any sprouting potato will grow in a pot. Deep pots are great, fill it half full and let the plant grow above the top, fill the pot to the top, water when needed. 
     The Facts are not Facts, mostly they are excuses, no obstacle is greater than excuses, That is a Fact. 
      The Self Government of BC, The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment declares : Excuses Obsolete, and against Natural Law. Punishment for Excuses will be harsh, (a favourite) Extinction. So start your Garden.

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