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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Democracy, all are equal??

     In principle we are all equal. In reality, equality does not exist in the military, poor on the front line, rich at the officers club. Nor is there equality in court, for the same crime, Rich may occasionally get time behind bars, Poor occasionally get to avoid time behind bars. Bank robbers using a plastic toy gun can get years in jail for stealing a few bucks, bankers using a plastic pen robbing hundreds of poor people for lots of bucks, hardly ever get sent to the penn.
     There can be no equality when 80 Money Monarchs claim to own more of the world's wealth than the rest of the world. Most of the 80 live in democracies that they control with their coin operated politicians. Safe havens. Hockey players are better known, nice distraction, corporate funded Gladiators, corporate funded trend setters, and bad news.
     Well The Garden Party Press has got good news, Democracy is Alive and Evolving. The Party is Grounding Corporate Gladiators, ignoring Trend Setters, bringing down Big Junk Box Stores, Replacing Military with Emergency Response, and replacing Dictator Democracies of a few, with Involving Evolving Democracy. No more fixed elections. Now we are equal. Now we are the Government and our first Dictate: Get off the couch and grab a shovel.

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