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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Commodity producing industries

     What do we need? Food shelter clothing and other human beings. How hard is that? If you are in Canada, know the flora and fauna, have skills and hand tools, have access to land, it takes about two years to take care of needs. Work load decreases to a couple of hours a day once established to take care of needs.
     Under the suppressive capitalist system, unless you take advantage of others, lie, cheat or steal, it could take forty years of slave work to achieve what can be done in two years with a axe and shovel. Of course that is if the land was free, but now Capitalists claim ownership of the land and demand maximum ransom for a piece, which of course can mean decades of slavery maintaining the special class. 
      What to do? The Self Government of Canada, Minister of This And That, has two recommendations, Boycott Buying Land. We are officially taking Planet Earth off the market Feb 21st 2015., to coincide with World Boycott Month, Feb 21st. Another Free Government Service from the Garden Party, 
     Sun Chokes for Planting.

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