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Thursday, January 1, 2015

China's Public Debt.

     Yes, China has been climbing into that familiar hole of public debt. Canada has dug the deepest hole with public debt, and may be leading in private debt as well. Some where around a $70,000 hole for each Canadian, mortgages not included. Perhaps thinking is, that Canada recovered better than other nations by holding up our financial empires, going down deeper in public dept. Defer to next generation?
     No panic about a bunch of numbers extracted out of thin air and spent, but paying these debts off, by the present monetary system of calling debts 'assets', we would be a busy bunch ripping and tearing all the resources up from under the ground, slashing, burning and bombing everything on top of the ground, making a real hole for humanity, all to pay for a fictitious hole. We call it, mass insanity. 
     2015, This is The Age Of Sanity. Money can no longer be allowed to veto Sanity. So as we move foreword, all of us together, no longer accept that solutions are unaffordable. Just move forward with what you have and keep screaming for help, mass participation is what we need now.
      Gardens are a part of the answer, simply growing five garlic bulbs in one pot of dirt would be moving forward and altering our present agricultural methods and practices, which need a huge overhaul. That is what we are working on when we start another garden, and as a big added benefit, we are eliminating money, or any other 'new' replacement. Fact is, money is not needed, nor does it need a replacement. How about trustworthiness, for an alternative?
     China, Wake Up, follow our example, and you will get the same result, Mass Insanity.
     Preparing a few rock garden beds at the moment.

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