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Monday, January 26, 2015

"Keeping Canadians Safe"

     "Specials Powers For Police To Lockup Terrorists." "Keeping Canadians Safe". Quotes From the elected prime minister of Canada, in an election with more fraud than usual. These quotes need Definition.
    First of all, what is a terrorist? We have heard words like, Eco Terrorist, used on peaceful protesters. Does that mean other protesters might be seen as Terrorist? What about People on strike? Or People wanting the Prime Minister to resign and grow a Garden, could they be a threat to the stability of Canada and be locked up in a brand new prison for objectors?
     And about " keeping Canadians Safe". Why is it that so many people in Canada feel less safe since Harper has been in office? Could it be his warmongering, arrogant bully manners making enemies around the world making us safer?  Is keeping Canadians safe increasing foreign arms sales? By Flying our Jets along the Russian Border, that should make us safer. Not letting in Syrian Refugees, is that what he means by 'keeping Canadians Safe". 
     Yes it seems like another little step to put a lid on public dissenters. Create fear, pass laws, lose a little more freedom, little steps, until, you have none. 
     The Garden Party's Minister of Foreign Affairs, M. Busybody, claims he would feel safer if Harper was Gardening. So we invite Canadians and anybody else, if you have a shovel laying around, never doing any thing, give it to The Elected Prime Minister Anywhere. Have Fun.

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