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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Canadian Gardeners Galour, 18000.

    Just what we wanted, 18,000 employees laid off by Target Junk Corporation. Our Minister for more Unemployment, Self Government of Canada suggests Full Employment this Spring.! The freed slaves of Target should grab up all the garden tools. With gentle handling they will last a couple of weeks. That means you can start digging up your lawns, and the lawns next door. Of course this suggestion applies to all people looking for satisfying work. Gardening is a job that can be done when one even has a job.
     This is The New World Order: local self sustaining food supply in seven years around the world. Regardless of the up and down scam of the manipulated world economy. The growth we really need is local food supplies, not growing fictitious numbers.
     First action of the Assembly of The New World Order, using the latest advances in telepathy with 244 represented countries quickly came to a conclusion. We have to eat. Therefore all unemployed can consider themselves self employed, and can now start planning for a Spring Garden. Many different occupations can come out of gardens, and they can created without any money. The Garden Party of Canada is eradicating and composting money, for richer soil. 

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