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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Canada's Action Plan.

    The Garden Party ACTION PLAN FOR CANADA is showing great results. Unemployment is exceeding targets. Fossil fuel consumption is down and we expect will drop 20% more in 2015. Self Government is travelling like our 400 grape vines, added 130 Thompson Seedless this year. Gardening is growing like our potato crop, times four already planted this year. Big Junk Box Stores and Fast Chain Junk Food Outlets are going the way of Dinosaurs due to our 99.7% Boycott. We managed to erode the Canadian Dollar down 20% last year and expect it to drop another 20% in 2015. It will be soon recognized for its real value, worthless for any purpose, even in a outhouse.  Now there a place for CANADA'S ACTION PLAN.

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