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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Big Box Junk Store Flattened

     As predicted from our successful 'Buy Nothing for Xmas' campaign Target Stores are headed for the compost. Our Minister For More Unemployment takes full credit and has renewed the New Years Resolution to reduce all purchases 20% for 2015. Jan 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, is now getting popular in France, Germany, and The Czech Republic. The Minister is also making progress on slowing down all hot goods  sales in Canada such as real estate, raw resources, military equipment and magic mushrooms.
     2015 is going to be a progressive year, ghost towns in Alberta Oil Patches, collapsing car lots, sand sales will be up as bankrupt two cycle motorized toy sales are dropping because more forty year old adolescents are returning to the more economical sand box, herbicide and pesticides will drop dramatically as The Garden Party continues to dig up lawns. Expecting 2015 to be a great year, as we continue to plant lots of potatoes. and start out our first sheep and turkey farm. Planting more potatoes for the next two days, pruning fruit trees next week. 

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