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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best Investment for 2015.

     Due to inside information, all our forecasts have been on target. The American Dollar has the illusion of stability and increased value but in reality the USA dollar has nothing but military power to delay the fall. Canada has raw resources that will soon be at fire sale prices, as the tables turn, the cost of imports, food included, will double by the end of 2015, unemployment will increase as demand for oil, steel, copper, potash, coal, and uranium drop. The repercussions for every 1000 jobs lost will quickly multiply to 7 or 8 thousand more.
     Best investment for 2015, the youth educated in life skills, and local agriculture projects under local control. Poverty is a ingredient for social unrest, food shortage will fuel the unrest, and potentially end up as a police state. To avoid the worst, food security is a must, and should be established immediately.
     To accomplish food self reliance before the complete collapse of the monitory systems is possible if resources and shovels dig in now. Get your Gardeners and want to be Gardeners together and start digging Victory Lawns.
      This has been a message from The Unelected Self Government of Canada, Minister of Hot Potatoes from PEI.

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