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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Living

     Advise for some, from experience. Our Gardener has always been what is called independent, never liked a job or a life that was run by a clock, or regular days. Yet always a early riser, often worked every day from morning till after dark. Money had to be made and at times worked with the chain gang but never for more than two months. Learn the job and quit, offer the services, and control the clock. So there was life time of creating income from work of passion. Do what you would like to do, and earn enough to continue your passion. The formula is quit good, your heart is in what you do, accomplishments are satisfaction of personal results, paid in full. Money is immaterial. It is not the driving force. As a matter of fact, the belief in money is our greatest obstacle. So we are doing our best to invisible penetrate right through the illusion, and devour it from within while we rearrange the furniture.
     Back to A Living. Of course it Helps if austerity comes naturally, few needs, less desires, no expensive addictions, etc. At the moment the, the Gardener if taking on another garden on a slope, rocks and black berries not much top soil. Each day the new piece of art unfolds, when it is complete, you can eat it, and continue with your living art, and steady income.
2015, The World Year Of The Garden. Pick up the torch, pass it on mail, and get a shovel activated. 
     Happy Growing Year, 2015. The celebrations will come when the harvest is done.

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