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Sunday, January 4, 2015

70 years old

     Every day is A New Beginning of Life, at least that is how this seventy year old feels.  To view the present forced world of errors, with hindsight, gives a clear view of the details of the world's problems, what needs to be done, and how to peacefully achieve the desired Results. We have found a way, to move the world towards self sustainability, now we want to speed it up and are open to ideas. This is a new Idea. We have found a way to create full employment. We see the way to eliminate crime. We know how to drop the use of money, without hunger, lack of shelter. With this much ability and information, the time has come to shout out. 
     Participation, is a key word. Nothing happens if no one goes to work. We have dropped a lot of unnecessary work, to spend more time doing better at the necessary work. Participate and involve yourself as a director of your world, The New World Order. Membership is Free. Now Order Yourself to Speed up things a wee bit. Life is short.

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