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Friday, January 23, 2015

24,000 More Gardeners, Alberta.

    Minister of Unemployment is not the only one celebrating the lay off of 3000 Oil Well Drillers on the Canadian Prairies. The domino effect will cause an overall initial lay off of 29,992 more workers. 
     More Food Banks will open beside money banks, to give more options for investments, and to feed the bank employees, when they have to cut corners.
     With out a doubt, some in the mining industry will be reaching the breaking point. 1000 jobs lost in Labrador took 7000 more with them, a wake up call. Learn how to 'cut corners' while you still have a saw. In other words, Be Prepared, Grow a Garden. 2015 is a year of Great Possibilities. BC Feeds Alberta in Eight Years.

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