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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Canada's Action Plan.

    The Garden Party ACTION PLAN FOR CANADA is showing great results. Unemployment is exceeding targets. Fossil fuel consumption is down and we expect will drop 20% more in 2015. Self Government is travelling like our 400 grape vines, added 130 Thompson Seedless this year. Gardening is growing like our potato crop, times four already planted this year. Big Junk Box Stores and Fast Chain Junk Food Outlets are going the way of Dinosaurs due to our 99.7% Boycott. We managed to erode the Canadian Dollar down 20% last year and expect it to drop another 20% in 2015. It will be soon recognized for its real value, worthless for any purpose, even in a outhouse.  Now there a place for CANADA'S ACTION PLAN.

The Winds of War are in the Airwaves.

     The great Evil is in the World, and the Good is under attack. This is the Battle of the ages. Good (us guys) and Evil (the bad guys). We also have an election coming up, the economy is about to disintegrate, due to the persistent Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party. Every week sales are dropping and so are thousands of jobs. We need a war. Besides, Canadian pension funds are invested in the arms industry.  We can conscript all the protesters and send them out to fight in the front lines with the Great Evil, and keep getting our pension checks. 
     Who knows what is rattling around in the head of the fraud elected Prime Minister of Canada?  We really do not know what our Elected Government is doing. Or what the control freak might pull off in five more years, now that he has appointed his judges, his commanders in the armed forces, his police with special powers to enforce his definition of Terrorist, sounds like he is running a tight ship, most Dictators do, but where is the ship going?  The press are spoon fed, a controlled diet and are sucking it up. 
     Canadians should beware of sweet talking devils pointing fingers at the bad guys. Who is the accuser? Can he be trusted? That guy should be kept in the Basement in solitary confinement. We believe Garden Therapy might help.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Minister of National Security.

     The Self Government of Canada is adding a New Minister, The Minister For Obstacle Removing And National Security, the Right Honourable Dr. Wart.
     The Doctor comes from a long line of Warts and is a expert in being a obstacle and exercising the right to exist, thus a strong advocate For National Security. The Doctor is for the banning of all Wart Remover. With new powers of the secret police, anyone caught with Wart Remover or Promoting others to get Wart Remover, will get a aromatic 10'er in The Elected Prime Minister's Big House, with hard labour. No need for courts or silly judges, automatic 10'er.
     Dr Wart is tenacious and finding ways to overcome incredible obstacles, and was instrumental in The Garden Party of Canada taking over Government of all the unoccupied land in Canada without the loss of a single pimple. Now, Speaking for (putting words in the mouths of) 52% of Canadians, we can feel the National Security sweeping over all of Canada's warts, with a more powerful police, appointed judges, overcrowded jails with solitary cells fully occupied and more spies than Carter has Pills, we are winning the war against anything that threatens our Canadian Warts. 
     Dr Wart will will be regular contributor to The Garbage Guru Gazette, if you are doing good stuff or have Obstacles to getting good stuff done, bring them on, and start a garden.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Garden Party Stats.

     30,000 Spies Disguised as Gardeners, and 240,000 Gardeners Disguised as Spies, all work underground  and communicate telepathically. If you see somebody out in the garden talking to their shovel, it could be one of our spies in telepathic conference. We have never been hacked, the service is free, only device required is a quality long lasting shovel, find a piece of ground, put a foot on the shovel, engage. Simple , economical, easier on the thumb, neck and eyes, and exercise, just what our bodies are designed for, good health, not to mention the food.
    Wild onions.

    Wild onions with garlic.
    Fir Branchs for fire wood, needle branches now being composted.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going Down Good News.

     The unregistered Garden Party, Self Government of Canada's Minister of Propaganda, Busybody, Forecasts the end of the fashion industries. Our Minister For More Unemployment has only one tie and claims he will never wear it out. 
     Commodity products, local enterprises, providing the real needs of the local community, is a part of The New World Order. Not necessarily cutting off all imports, but always being able to provide what is necessary, should  imported goods gets cut off in our unpredictable world. Local controlled self reliant industries, including energy sources and food supplies are goals to achieve around the globe. Control must be local, and have the ability for long term sustainability, without a need for money, that is The New World Order. 
     It is the Gardeners job to feed the blacksmith, and the Blacksmiths job to make sure the gardener has tools grow food. The Gardeners goal is, everybody gets fed, 

Power Freak.

     Any so called Democracy with a elected leader, who turns into a 'Control Freak', could find itself in trouble quickly. Power backed by Military and Police. When Any opposition could be called a possible threat, and silenced, locked up, or harassed or worse, without charges, the Terrorists have won. 
      The power of making war and peace cannot be left in the hands of a single individual, even in a so called Democracy. A lot of damage can be done in Five Years of a Democracy Dictatorship. Fraud was committed in the last federal election in Canada verified by a judge, one minor player charged. Elected stay in power, a clear danger sign . Money  controls Democratic Governments no matter which party gets elected. That is why The Garden Party claims that elections are not the only game in town, and is taking over more ground. Self Government is Here and one vote counts. The last two elections results were fixed. Money is the fixer, money dominates the US government, and now appears to be running Canada's Fraud Elected Government. That is just another example and reason to shake the shackles of money, and grow a garden.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

GMO Boycott.

     Not five years, never mind the labelling, stop buying from Corporate Foods. Their farms are Eco Disasters. Herbicides, pesticides, genetic modified products, steroids, antibiotics, ripening and fattening chemicals, and monoculture, a recipe for sick food for a sicker world. Which we are already witnessing. 
     We could force all those corporations into bankruptcy in a month by a world boycott of all their products. Start now for practice and let everybody know that the first official attempt will be WORLD BOYCOTT MONTH STARTS FEB 21st,  World Feeds World, In Seven Years. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

"Keeping Canadians Safe"

     "Specials Powers For Police To Lockup Terrorists." "Keeping Canadians Safe". Quotes From the elected prime minister of Canada, in an election with more fraud than usual. These quotes need Definition.
    First of all, what is a terrorist? We have heard words like, Eco Terrorist, used on peaceful protesters. Does that mean other protesters might be seen as Terrorist? What about People on strike? Or People wanting the Prime Minister to resign and grow a Garden, could they be a threat to the stability of Canada and be locked up in a brand new prison for objectors?
     And about " keeping Canadians Safe". Why is it that so many people in Canada feel less safe since Harper has been in office? Could it be his warmongering, arrogant bully manners making enemies around the world making us safer?  Is keeping Canadians safe increasing foreign arms sales? By Flying our Jets along the Russian Border, that should make us safer. Not letting in Syrian Refugees, is that what he means by 'keeping Canadians Safe". 
     Yes it seems like another little step to put a lid on public dissenters. Create fear, pass laws, lose a little more freedom, little steps, until, you have none. 
     The Garden Party's Minister of Foreign Affairs, M. Busybody, claims he would feel safer if Harper was Gardening. So we invite Canadians and anybody else, if you have a shovel laying around, never doing any thing, give it to The Elected Prime Minister Anywhere. Have Fun.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greece, Cancel All Debts.

    Kick all the money changers out of the country, unless they repent and convert to Growing Gardens. They could use the vaults for root cellars and open Food Banks. Austerity is not over yet,  and if you stay controlled by debt, you will suffer long. Why drag it out? Better to have a Garden to sit in and watch the euro come down. Greece could start a trend of Bank Conversions across Europe as money shrinks out of existence. Pension plans will shrink to nothing quickly, so make sure a sustainable local food supply under local control is in place. Full employment at Food Production until Greece Feeds Greece. 
     The Garden Party claims that all financial institutions will collapse within Seven Years. Cooperation is taking over from Capitalism, it is time the developed Countries like Greece and Canada enter into the 21st century, learn from Cuba and develop Emergency Response Teams to replace Military Response. We expect this will be done in a mere seven years. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible. It might be Fidel Castro with a flash light.

We shall overcome, Greece

     To the People of Greece, Pass it on Mail. 
     You don't need loans to pay for loans. All you will get is more debt.. it's a numbers racket. Besides, The New World Order, implemented by The World Garden Party Declares Again, all debt, that creates a hardship for the borrower is automatically forgiven. Nobody needs money, except tourists, you can take their money, then go to their place and give it back to them. You don't need money in Greece.
      We are evolving beyond money in Canada, and hope to send dollars and non sense into History as another mistake corrected, and completely composted, in seven years. Cost and Value, will be measured in real terms, and least cost for most value would be the  desired economy. That is the New World Order.
     Planted two kinds of peas, and a few beets, kale and parsnip. Also potted about forty Dandelions.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

For Bank Tellers.

      When a bank teller saw three months of pension checks, she commented that I had been saving them up for a long time. My immediate mental response was 'life is too precious to waste five minutes in a bank in a life time, cash my checks so I can get out of here, money is unwarranted torture.' Poor teller, locked up in a bank all day, guarded, gets out on weekends for good behaviour, and volunteers to lock herself up at night in a cell that she pays for,  often with cell mates,  without guards. Escapes are rare, when they do, they usually go back, but not any more, Canadian Banks have already started layoffs. Tent City and Food Banks for Tellers.
     The days of Banks are drawing to a close anyway, so why wait to get laid off without pay and waste another five minutes of your precious life chippy changing numbers to make profits for slave masters? Drop the chains, break free from insanity. Grow a Garden.
     Next special World Buy Nothing Day, Feb 14th. Valentines, just another for profit corporate hyped event. If you love me truly, buy me nothing and I will know your love is true. Wonder what the result we be, will just have to wait and see, on Feb 15. Happy Buy Nothing Day, in advance in case I miss it.

Best Investment for 2015.

     Due to inside information, all our forecasts have been on target. The American Dollar has the illusion of stability and increased value but in reality the USA dollar has nothing but military power to delay the fall. Canada has raw resources that will soon be at fire sale prices, as the tables turn, the cost of imports, food included, will double by the end of 2015, unemployment will increase as demand for oil, steel, copper, potash, coal, and uranium drop. The repercussions for every 1000 jobs lost will quickly multiply to 7 or 8 thousand more.
     Best investment for 2015, the youth educated in life skills, and local agriculture projects under local control. Poverty is a ingredient for social unrest, food shortage will fuel the unrest, and potentially end up as a police state. To avoid the worst, food security is a must, and should be established immediately.
     To accomplish food self reliance before the complete collapse of the monitory systems is possible if resources and shovels dig in now. Get your Gardeners and want to be Gardeners together and start digging Victory Lawns.
      This has been a message from The Unelected Self Government of Canada, Minister of Hot Potatoes from PEI.

Friday, January 23, 2015

24,000 More Gardeners, Alberta.

    Minister of Unemployment is not the only one celebrating the lay off of 3000 Oil Well Drillers on the Canadian Prairies. The domino effect will cause an overall initial lay off of 29,992 more workers. 
     More Food Banks will open beside money banks, to give more options for investments, and to feed the bank employees, when they have to cut corners.
     With out a doubt, some in the mining industry will be reaching the breaking point. 1000 jobs lost in Labrador took 7000 more with them, a wake up call. Learn how to 'cut corners' while you still have a saw. In other words, Be Prepared, Grow a Garden. 2015 is a year of Great Possibilities. BC Feeds Alberta in Eight Years.

If we don't do it, Somebody else will.

      If we don't become a arms dealer for the world somebody else will. That lame brain excuse is one commonly used in Canada by many Canadians to justify their actions that they know are anti productive to the overall well being of people and the environment. It is being used by the Elected Federal Government of Canada, while on one hand taking a leading roll on condemning 'terrorism' while the other hand is taking in cash and  making jobs pumping weapons into the world that are now being used by the same 'terrorists'. If we don't do it, somebody else will.
      As a individual, if I don't grow a garden, does that mean someone else will? It is more likely that if I grow a garden, someone else will. Just like if I make big profits from weapons, others who place profits over human life, will also say, if I don't do it someone else will. Therefore justifying negative acts to themselves, just like the Elected Government of Canada.
     The Self Government of Canada, the Garden Party Minister of Unemployment claims that if he refuses to convert shovels to bullets, there will be less bullets and plenty of shovels. Therefore the statement is nothing more than ducking your own bullets and justifying your participation of more arms for killing. The Garden Party is calling on all plumbers to boycott the arms industry toilets. Truck drivers and longshoremen to refuse handing of arms for export. And of course the Gardeners will refuse to provide carrots and broken shovels. 
      Even if Gardeners might be considered 'terrorists', under new laws, we are calling for the shut down of all of the Canadian Arms Industries, also Uranium Mining, and, to give the present elected government shovels so they dig in and be of some value to advancing our project, CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SEVEN YEARS. If we do it, somebody else will, Garden Party Philosophy. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

BC Oil workers "Come Home"

     Invitation by the Elected Premier of BC. If you will work for Alberta's crashing dirty oil industries that all sensible Canadians are opposed to, the BC Premier is confidant you will work on mega projects opposed by the informed sensible people of BC.
     Site C Dam has been approved by a handful of self serving politicians for resource exploitation, at public expense. They can expect a shovel uprising from all 266,942 Gardeners in BC. Our members are growing daily. We will soon be digging up the Legislative Lawns to feed the invited unemployed from Alberta.

Take over government.

     If we are to ever have a peaceful world, peace loving people are going to have to take over their Governments. We have started to do just that in Canada. Canadians have been viewed more or less as a peaceful, fair and generous Nation on the world stage for some sixty years. Not all deserved perhaps, but Canadian travellers abroad have been welcomed almost everywhere. That is no longer the case.
     Thanks to the Harper Mob, we are now viewed quite differently. Our Military Industry sales are higher than ever, mostly to autocratic governments using the equipment to suppress their own people. Prisons are overcrowded. Our Environmental  record for a so called developed country is seen as one of the worst. Deservingly so. Canada's present government focuses on human rights abuses of other select Nations, yet does not consider solitary confinement as torture in Canada's prisons.  Harper does not feel First Nation's Missing and Murdered girls and women worthy of an inquiry. An Inquiry might confirm that institutional racism has existed in Canada from first contact and is wide spread today. Every First Nations Person knows this from daily living, yet most Canadians do not consider themselves racist. 
     Canadian Based Mining Companies have a terrible social and environmental record when it comes to exploiting resources of so called undeveloped countries around the world. Another form of Racism.
     If the majority of people have no say in the direction their country, you have a false government. The Garden Party is in the process of taking over all Governments and functions worthy of maintaining. Of course we are starting from the grass roots and going a little deeper, hand pulling weeds and nurturing new growth of sustainability. We are working for common benefit before personal gain, collective well being. There is a better chance for Peace. Make Peace, Grow A Garden, it will relieve the stress.