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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Capitalism and Democracy.

     Unemployed People with little or no money who don't belong to a political Party, face difficult obstacles to fully participate in both Federal and Provincial Elections in Canada. That would be about 52% of the population. This part of the population have little, or nothing, to say about the rule of government or the structure  of capitalism yet become the slaves for, and enforcers of, the Law. Who selects a judge?  Most military forces are drawn from the low income group. They are the pool of serfs availed upon when needed, are expendable, and are cast out when injured or don't do what is expected of them, or, when no longer needed.
     The Over Employed People with lots of money, sometimes referred to as the One Percent, don't usually belong to any of the political parties, face few difficulties in getting what they want, from both Federal and Provincial Governments in Canada. They maintain control because they have held the ability to make or break governments in all Democratic Countries, using their main tool, money, with the help of better rewarded middle class Slaves, the maintainers of the Law. Property, Money and Corporate Capitalism.
     One might say it has always been this way, the wealthy rule, the middle class carry the whip and collect the taxes, the poor who serve and are expendable. So are most of the so called middle class today.  Every change, rebellion, overthrow of perceived power by the controlled, remains, or is returned to power by system of government under money, where the privileged few, sometimes with a new faces taking over the perceived power of government,  but still under the influence of those who have the Money.
     Keep people divided by borders, Nations, religion, class, race, money, sex, color, when we are all of the very same origin, and are related family members, and possibly all insane, as we appear to still seek money and grow our economy when evidence says slow down money economy or we may wipe out human life. Simply  put, more of the same, will kill us, to continue to allow profits and money to rule us into extinction is insane. 
     When money can be created out of thin air, has no mathematical integrity at all, and debt can be converted from liabilities to assets, this system can do nothing other than fail, which is does over and over, and is replaced with minor changes, and great efforts to convince the public that it is working again by spending thin air money and away we go, mass insanity, war, rip and tear for monitory gain, oh when will we ever learn. Apparently not by going to school, as far as economists are concerned at least, the more schooling they have the dumber they get, or they play the crooked game for personal gain, by scamming the uninformed.
      Love Yea One Another, buried in Junk, Merry Xmas.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Public Subsidizing Aero Industry.

     Bank Rolls for Insiders, cost overruns, more Greenhouse Gases in our atmosphere, Canada building more jets for Flying Gladiators and World Conferences on Global Warming. People making the Decisions still have numbers branded on their Brains. We don't need more jets screwing up our atmosphere, we need Common Sense.
     2016, this is the year that we really have to start turning things around. Less Flying. That is right, cut back Flying by 20% for 2016, minimum. Stop going to watch fly in Gladiators. Stop buying flown in food, at least 20% for 2016, and do another 20% again in 2017. 
    Making money, just one more mega project, before we start turning things around is never making the changes we all need to make. Stop Public Purse funding for Private Profits. Jets, Military, LNG, Dams to liquefy natural gas, infrastructure for more cars, Coal Exports.
      What is money? The USA just wrote 20 trillion dollars out of thin air to stimulate their economy(?). And the US dollar goes up in value? Must be great value in thin air, World's Second Biggest Scam. The End of Daze! Park your car and stop buying imported junk. Address Climate Change. Make a outside Local Hockey Rink, Plan to a garden, and a Community.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

BC Dictators Build Toll Bridge.

     Our Ram Rod Fraud Elected Provincial Government of BC has planned Ten Lane Toll Bridge over the Frazer River to increase the easy flow of autos into Vancouver. Wrong move. We need to decrease cars and dense population of unsustainable cities. The urban planning has gone a muck. Ask Los Angelus. Is that what we really want? Of course not. A close examination of traffic and commuters shows us that 85% is unnecessary, useless and wasteful. Our Social Stucture reorganized could easily decrease driving by 80% without lowering our so called 'standard of living' one degree. Ram Rod Fraud Elected Governments may think they can do whatever they want, and have done just that in the past, but no more. 
     The Liberal Self Serving Government of BC will answer to the People, who are the Real Government of BC. So, to our Self Esteemed Leaders of BC, what you got away with in the past, you will not get away with today.  A clear message from The Garden Party Self Government of BC Without Borders.  We really do not need to maintain Corrupt Self Serving Governments, nor can we be forced too, by intimidation, or offers of carrots. We must be unexceptional and priceless. And we have our own carrots. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

World Without Money.

     It is mind blogging how much unnecessary work is done because of money. Everything measured by dollars, costs measured by dollars oblivious to real costs socially and environmentally. Profits made on debt of the yet unborn. The whole thing has developed into being the biggest scam ever, and the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, has pulled the plug. We are not playing any fixed money game. We are exercising a different formless method of exchange, with which both giver and receiver are happy. Adjustment and change of government are a constant, it is so easy, without money, and each of us is a full participant in the Government of Canada Without Borders, we are directly participating in THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Prepare to grow gardens, stop the waste, feed the hungry, get rid of anti depressants.

All You Need To Do.

     Depressed? Me too!. But every day I do something that I hope will be correcting the mess of a world we are all responsible for making. At the end of the day, I can say that I got a little bit done so I feel better, plenty of exercise, made and finished another little garden bed. Doing what I am able to do, looking at the big picture, and doing a little bit, sticking my shovel in the soil dissolves my depression, might work for you. If we ALL did our little bit every day, it would take no time at all to clean up the big mess and nobody would be depressed. Let's all get on with it.

Cheaper Housing Coming

     Our forecast of $35 a barrel for oil in 2015 has been accomplished. Now we will push it down another $10. Next big drop will be house prices, with the drop of the Canadian Dollar to 70 cents, monitory value of real estate has already lost 30%, and our goal is another 30% drop for 2016. Imported Food prices go up as the dollar goes down.  
     Right now 80% of food eaten in Canada is imported, and 50% of that wasted. That is in the process of being reversed with a Goal of 95% eaten in Canada, grown in Canada and less than 5% wasted. 
     Canada Feeds Canada, in Six Years. New World Order, for 2016, Eat 40% locally grown foods.
     Press release from The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister of Gardens. We are looking for a good spot to set up a communal home for WW2 Vets, with room for gardens and Gardeners. Do you have such a place? Get in touch. 

Needs a radiator shroud.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Climate Before Money

     Balance This : Life Support System / Money. Profits for special benefits delays action of doing what needs doing, and delays stopping what would be better left undone. Lack of Money or making Profits, should never again stand in the way of Climate Action for Correction.
     2016, be a part of the many that will be heading back to the land this coming year. Large Cities are high energy users, high maintenance, and not sustainable. Start the Victory Gardens, we will win, we have shovels. 
    Salvaged Lumber.
    More Garden Beds.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Canada's Food Prices.

     One reason food prices are up has been because Canada's dollar is sinking into the compost, while 80% of food eaten in Canada is imported.  The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders, continues with its goal to grow and eat 95% local foods. This should be the goal everywhere and could lower the world carbon release. Want to stop Global Warming? Eat what grows nearest to you, the many benefits are obvious, food security being one of them. Garden farming can be done without machines, and yields can far exceed monoculture farming. Corporate Monoculture farms are a Environmental Disaster everywhere they exist. Canada will see a increasing return to the land 2016 and will phase out all Corporate Run Farms in Canada within the next Six Years. We expect the Back to the Land Movement to grow as land prices drop until all dirt is considered priceless. Buying and selling agriculture land just will not be happening in the future, yet there will be far easier access for all who want to get their fingers in the dirt instead of the public purse like our Hot Potato Senator from PEI who knew The Conservative Party ran scams in the past Federal Elections and now is spilling the beans since he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Nothing real unusual, every Canadian Election since confederation has been all about the cookie jar and even the last election was a Fraud that eliminated over 50% of the population from full participation. 
     Grow your own beans, put money in the Compost, start a garden, free seed available.

Syrian Refugee Support, V.I. Gardens.

     Refugees, legal and illegal Immigrants who come to Vancouver Island and want to garden or farm are welcome to drop in at our garden nursery at 5090 West Saanich Road, Victoria BC. We have seed, plants and tools, some accessible land and will look for more as needed. Two more projects will be getting started next year, one in Quesnel (north central BC) another in SE Manitoba. Fully Funded by OAP checks. Contact Ph, Louis at 604 928 3663. 

Export Trade Policy For Canada

     The Renewing Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party, on top of the Constitution hodge podge Rights, has more authority to call itself :The Government of Canada, than do
the Elected Members of Parliament in Ottawa. The present process of elections in Canada are Unconstitutional according to The Constitution. By excluding 52% of the population of eligible voters from freedom of access to participate fully in the election process, the elections are void by Law. The Garden Party can not recognize The Elected Federal Government of Canada as Government by a Unconstitutional Election. The MPs could be charged for treason, but more likly The Garden Party will, for our claim of Self Government. 
      We Re assumed Government, without pomp and ceremony, took what ever titles, ministers of This or That for a comic book, and continue to expand The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders. 
     Now, about Exports. Export portfolio is handled by The New Minister For More Unemployment, due to the Ministers Popularity, we won't mention names. Many, Still Employed Longshoremen are upset about shipping out resources and receiving back stuff that will all be landfill in short order. That is not the way to stop climate change. Longshoremen are demanding more unemployment and the Minister is under Pressure to make good promises made to cut the carbon. So to cut down the flow of Garbage Goods into Canada, and fill up dumps and kill the ocean, in the name of Climate Change, the Minister has Declared THIS YEAR "WORLD BUY NOTHING FOR XMAS YEAR" participate and win a prize, so big it can be shared for generations. And the longshoremen will have time to garden.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where There Is A Will...

     Feed My People, good local organically grown and raised food, fresh and processed. Apparently we have plenty of people not getting enough exercise, even the homeless need things to do, not to mention all the warship captains and cooks that will soon be grounded. 
     Perhaps some redesigned ships for Emergency Response could still be built and used for food deliveries, or transporting refugees when needed, but less warships and more shovels should soon decrease the destruction and lessen the flow of Refugees, so we shouldn't need too many. Start with one or two ships, and go from there. Makes jobs, and serves as as model for others to copy and improve. Take responsibility for the future by taking action in the present, BC FEEDS BC HUNGRY, CANADA FEEDS CANADIAN HUNGRY, WORLD FEEDS WORLD HUNGRY, IN SIX YEARS. HUNGRY FEED WORLD IN SEVEN YEARS. Or something like that.
     Another New World Order, failure to complete task,  penalty is harsh, extinction. Appeals will not be heard. Start a Garden, share with Refugees. Get to work on Prevention of More War. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

We did it in World War Two.

     Half the food eaten in England during The Second World War came from Canada. The Canadian Government encouraged all agriculture and promoted Victory Gardens for the War Effort. Right now we have malnutrition to starvation of the poor, on Northern First Nation Communities, and millions of children, women and men living  in refugee camps, and millions more seeking out a survival in cities everywhere. That is a lot of hungry unhappy people, while here in Canada we waste at least 40% of produced food. Criminal.
     Since the War to End all War isn't over yet, perhaps something to do with the saying "peace will never come out of the barrel of a gun" and therefore will never end by that method, 
     The Garden Party, Minister of Offence suggests another method. This is a very serious matter and needs to treated as such. Guns don't Make Peace, Shovels Will Give Peace a Chance. Feed the Hungry, we can work on the rest, healthy fed people gives us all a better foundation on which we can build from to Make War Redundant. 
     New World Order: Start Your Victory Garden, 2016.
   Mr Prime Minister Wishiwashy. Ships for War, or Shovels for Peace? Do your part. New World Order.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ordinary Peoples Party on Pot.

     The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders (we are evolving), put marijuana under the same laws as cucumbers. No problems, no laws, no arrests, no fines to collect, no jails to maintain, judges can grow gardens with Pot with Cucumbers.
     If Pot is Legal, and it is Legal in Canada, No Elected Coin Operated Government has any right to tell Canadians they need a licence for cucumbers, no permission was ever given from the people of a democracy to tax cucumbers, and what right does the fraud elected government of BC have, to tell people what they can and cannot do with Cucumbers or Pot.! The Legal Market Place (corruption with a false front) is no improvement, just a new mob taking over the billion dollar pot business, backed by a criminal Justice System making Corporate Pot legal and Pubic Pot illegal. BC Elected Government is Of, By, and For Non Ordinary People on a gold rush into ordinary people's pockets. We has extra shovels and recommend gardening for all Gold Diggers. 

Xmas Coal Sales Up, BC, Canada.

     Yes our local petty dictators can take responsibility for BC increasing sales of Coal in BC. Coal is what Non Ordinary People are getting for Xmas this year from The Majority Ordinary People. 
     Other than a little coal to put in the socks of the power drunk fraud elected government of BC, we are calling 2015, WORLD BUY NOTHING XMAS.  Coal exports will soon stop, so will self serving political leaders. Liquefied  Natural Gas is twice as dirty as Natural Gas. To liquefy and transport one unit, spends one unit. How Dirty is burning LNG? Near Twice as dirty as direct piped natural gas to its location of use, with twice the value of usable energy. Un-Common Sense claims it is criminal to waste half of a resource for a make work never get anything done project. The same thing that BC and New Zealand are presently doing with Coal. Ripping and tearing up the planet for Monetary Gain. Completely Nuts to the Ordinary informed Person.
     The Garden Party of BC forecasts a 20% Reduction Of Coal Exports For 2016. Minimum requirement, New World Order. Are you paying attention New Zealand? 

China Goes Green

     China's Government  is trying to match The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Goals of Fossil Fuel Reduction of 60% by 2018. China's new goals are 60% by 2020. We will attempt to help China reach their goal two years sooner by expanding our Buy Nothing Days. 
     China is also a major exporter of war junk, and until those exports stop The Garden Party will BUY NOTHING FROM CHINA FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER 2015. We will not limit our Generosity to just China but will also aid all countries producing Weapons of Mass Destruction to reduce their fossil fuel consumption by BUYING NOTHING FROM ALL ARMS DEALERS.
     Besides China, forth biggest dealer, the Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is Buying Nothing from the biggest Arms Dealer with 70% of the world market, the USA. Followed by Russia, France, Germany, UK, Israel, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, South Korea and Canada. 
     Convert Military to Emergency Response for Prevention of War. Stop all War Junk Production Locally, Boycott Globally. 
     This is a past it on message from our Minister For More Unemployment of Useless and Destructive Jobs. Grow a organic Garden and cut imports. Gardens are always a peaceful place.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All That Has Been Hidden,

      Will be Revealed. And so it shall be, the Planned War Ships For Canada are nothing more than a mega project for all the Public Purse Thieves of Old, to pick the pockets of kids not yet born. We work for Peace, and Peace will never come out of the barrel of a gun!
     A Message of Peace and Love From Minister of This and That of The Garden Party, Self Government Of Canada Without Borders. More people are spending nothing this Xmas, they are saving up to meet refugees in person to welcome them. Find out what they need, and build community. 
     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders Officially Cancels All New War Ship Orders. The Garden Party is putting all those funds to Prevention of War and no longer has need for War Machines. We are putting out the call for Farmers and Gardeners from all refugee camps to be given free passage to Canada, so get ready organic growers, your displaced relatives are coming home. This opportunity should be mutually beneficial. 

Refugee Employment Idea.

     Hopefully there will be a lot of Garden Farmers among all the refugees that are coming to Canada in the next year. Our middle class may have lost touch with the dirt under their feet. For most, sand on the beach is their only ground experience, and we could use a lot Gardeners if we are going to feed all the empty stomachs cause by ongoing wars. So bring on the Gardeners, instead of a gun, the Warriors can be handed a shovel. Can't stop Evolution, it's always catching up.
    Occupation Apple Tree is now looking for more Land to Garden Farm on Vancouver Island, Quesnel BC, Stead Manitoba and anywhere in Saskatchewan. Of course we welcome all refugees to garden, even the middle class. We do have extra shovels.