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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We will Balance Budget

      Harper, the pretender to the throne  of Canada, gloats over the sinking Russian money. Do Russians have a average personal debt of $32,000 not counting mortgages, municipal, provincial and Federal debts?  Is this his Balanced Federal Budget at any cost? Harper, you have little to gloat about, unless you like human suffering. 
     Prepare for the Canadian Dollar to plummet, Russian People are more familiar with hard times and Dictators than Canadians. Not if, but when the Canada dollar drops dramatically, the Garden Party will be very popular. We can all declare Bankruptcy and convert the Banks into Grow Operations for Food Banks, Vaults could be used for something useful, like root cellars. 
     Balance Your Budget, Only 7 More Non-Shopping Days Till Xmas.

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