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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Two Years After End of The World

     We are making progress, unemployment in the useless jobs is on a steady increase, consumption is down, money economies are at a standstill and collapsing, Gardens are increasing and expanding, yes it has been two years of accomplishment.
    Give credit where credit is due, but there is still lots of useless activity to delivery into the compost.  The entire monetary system, coin operated political parties, flying Gladiators (Russia is leading in this department), mega projects (dams, pipelines, expanding transportation infrastructure), herbicides and pesticides, big box junk stores, prisons, fuel burning noise toys for trills and entertainment of the brain dead, yes these are a few things to work out of in 2015. Of course  ending the military industries is top of the list and they may put up a fight, but all forms of terrorism promotion will get composted soon. 
     Be sure not to miss Dec 21st, World Do Nothing Day, our monthly holiday for all wage slaves, don't miss the excitement, start early and celebrate till the cows come home. Cows have to milked even on holidays.

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