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Thursday, December 11, 2014

CityTransit Planning

     The bigger Vancouver BC gets, the bigger the mess. Bigger cities are not the way of the future. The discussion should be the dissolving of big cities. Organized Crime, Chamber of Commerce, wants continuous growth, a cancer.
     Small Communities can be self sustaining without car or rapid transit. This is what we can all develop, no ownership, no money, self government, each doing their bit. We evolve as we go, only now, we are participants by choice.
     Getting rushed in 7 billion dollar debt to service an expected growth in population, when all major centres will soon look like Detroit would be foolish. Every day small and big business are shutting down and a lot more will be in 2015.
     Is it any wonder that so many young and old Canadians are taking up gardening to preserve their sanity. Vote For Less, Shovel More.

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