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Monday, December 15, 2014

Traffic Jam Solution.

    We have the solution to traffic jams for all cities. It can be done immediately, unemployment would be large. People are tied up because they believe they need money for rent, mortgages, food and that great invention that is killing life on this planet, the car. Just stop paying quit work and driving.  Good idea to have several gardens, as eviction is possible, just move in with someone else who stopped paying, be prepared to tough it out. Take the money out of property, all claim to ownership of land may lead to jail time for being in possession of Stolen Goods. Your  outhouse, if you dug the hole and built the structure, you can call it your property, as well as what is in the hole. You could take it all to court and have them hold it all as evidence.  In simple words quit all stupid useless jobs, and quit jobs that service stupid useless jobs. Use common sense, if not instantly, figure your way out, we would be delighted to supply you with a shovel, hoe, rake and seed.
     This propaganda comes from our Minister of Terrific Jams, we have more strawberry plants this year, coming to life with this mild weather.


  1. Lies are what are separating us . The present governemnt here in Victoria is a lie. It's a false system of divide and keep the people away from making their own decisions . The banks and bill collectors are bullies with collective control which they maintain thru division . When we get together we know it's corrupt ." It" is that system . That indoctrination of law based on theft and rules which they wrote after they took control . Not the true one ".Occupation apple tree"

  2. I can reduce traffic by half in one day . I said this during the election and the media is so sold out they would not let me solve the problem . I see it as complete forced insanity the traffic . The wasted gas the wasted people who are forced to go to unnecessary jobs to pay for land which was stolen . And I am not saying stolen from the natives . I am saying stolen from the creator . No one owns the land . We have a problem with bullies . The police are bullies. Why was I not allowed to talk to the Chief of Police during the election . Who do we have in Jails right now ? The rich or the Poor? And who along with the court system and the civil servants are getting paid off to keep in prison the (poor) who are not getting huge salaries . The poor who have to pay these ridiculous rents to overlords.