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Friday, December 5, 2014

Struggle On

     It is not hard to see why herbicides, pesticides and monoculture are screwing up the all the major farm areas. Throw in Genetically Modified, mixing of genes, it's a mess, and it means things have to change.  
      Yes changes are happening, at the grass roots level, where the changes come from first, often with great struggle. Our lands across Canada are being bought up by those who have gained big profits elsewhere. Some are just putting their cash in land to hide it, keep it secure from their government. Fewer and fewer own more and more. Protected by Law, if we were to let it run it's full course, all the farm workers would be educated serfs. Slaves, POW's as many are today in USA prisons, it's industry riding on the backs of the poor. Things have to change when people are not allowed a breath of air.
    We in the Garden Party insist on no more prisons, poisons on land and Monoculture. 
     Moving 2 year old grapes vines into larger pots and starting more.  About 150 to do this winter.

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