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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Site C Money.

     Hydro Bills, recently increased to pay the interest on the money the Liberal party will borrow from the future (written out of the sky, that will have to be paid along with interest) to pay for Site C Stupidity. 
     Who are the biggest winners from a mega project? Number one, The lenders. Creating Money out of the Sky, and Charging Interest as well. This money, 8 1/2 Billion, that with Canada's Dollar dropping, and the habits of governments under estimating costs to get their pet projects past the public, the direct costs will be more like 18 billion.    Other Winners are easy to spot, look at all the friends and corporate contributions that got the Liberal Party into the Public Purse. 
     The losers are the general public and those born into debt. The majority of BC residents, including the 52% non voters, represented by The Self Government Garden Party of BC. Well, we losers are under the illusion we live in a democracy where majority rules, and representatives serve the desires of the people or we throw them out. They are not our rulers just because they bought the most votes, thanks to fattened election funds. Another scam. We are calling a shovel, a shovel here, no point beating around the bush.  Dig it out.
     We will be going to the Legislature to demand Democracy Now. Tomorrow, and maybe the next day. There is too much going on behind closed doors that can't stand the light of day. Enough is too much already. Shovels for the Liberals.

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