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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Site C Dam,

     Who wants it? The Illegal BC Coin Operated politicians of The Liberal Party. 
     Why Do they want Site C Dam?  To liquefy natural gas for export. A subsidy for the LNG industry since using natural gas to generate power needed to to liquefy the gas would consume too much gas to make the gas viable. Once a dam is built and paid for, hydro power is clean and cost is only in equipment maintenance.
      Who will pay for the Dam? The Public. Already rates have been increased for planned Dam Costs to the General Public, when rates should be going down, they are going up.
      Who would Benefit from Site C Dam. The Oil and Gas Industry Exclusively. A Grand Scam to make people pay to have their resources extracted and exported. We already subsidize coal exports, pulp and paper industry,  the aluminum industry and now long term lower rate deals are being offered to the LNG industry.
     Mistakes were made, but enough is enough. We do not need to liquefy  Natural Gas for export, we do not need Site C Dam crammed on BC Residents and we do not need the Coin Operated Corrupt Liberal Party of BC. The rotten stuff going on behind closed doors is enough to make a Vulture Puke.
     Plain and simple, NO SITE C DAM. We are cutting back on all energy consumption. And we are also cutting out all Corporate Elected Governments.

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  1. Understanding the problem here is money or the environment . There is no money in protest . It cost to demonstrate and its mostly a personal cost . Who can afford it ? And when money pushes the media pulls the people in . All the corporations have to do is wave their wallets. The people do not understand that the money spent will come from them . The people can only get this money thru compromise . They need to sell out in order to buy in to survival . As long as we have a price on land and resources the banks and multinational corporation are in control . I have been an advocate for tent cities to break the monopoly . The recent dispersal of the tent city in Vancouver stopped the evolution . Times will get a lot tougher because reality is we need to protect the environment and selling out to money is allowing the destruction . In essence the system of money cannot afford to put the environment first . Self interest and personal survival is supported more then idealistic conscious appreciation of the collective well being . And self interest is being manipulated by self interest groups . Collective suppression of individual freedom and environmental consciousness in favor of mega projects which will steamroll the public into supporting this dam project . The answer is practicing patience and in any little way you can destroy the illusion of necessity for money and survival .