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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Segregation Is Torture

     Isolation in confinement (jail) is torture, it is practiced in most prisons around the world. Canada is doing its part, and so are all those many Private Prisons in the USA doing their part to make sure their cells are full. So who is surprised that the CIA torture? They are police, they do what all military do to who ever they deem the enemy. Whether they advertise their actions, or hid them, when they do these things, they are the same. They both justify their actions. For the Greater Good. All Victims.
     Start where we are as one person who wants a world without war.  Where ever you are, whatever your monetary  status, put an end to war. War coming from your mouth, and the mouths of your family, and everybody else. Face to Face. That is your assignment and of course we will make sure our 28,980 spies keep updated on how we put an end to all wars. We are burning its candle from both ends and heating up the core. 
     More to come, no excuse for not getting this job done, make it our culture, people make culture, The Fiction Self Government Garden Party will make its way with out war, it is not a part of our culture.

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