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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

People Taking Lead

      Beating on established governments doors on environment issues is a waste of valuable time. Clean energy is being developed by dedicated people. This will cut our needs for the use fossil fuels. Now if we, meaning enough of Canadians including government employees CUT BACK ON ALL WASTE, waste driving, waste mining, waste fuel, waste toxic junk manufacturing (decorations), wasted food (check the fridge), waste in packaging (look in recycling bins), wasted forests (Xmas cards), 
     Grow a Garden. Support your local grower, they will grow what you want. Eat your fruit and vegetables in season for where you live. That is the New World Order, Support your local processors, and have Community Food Security. Work together and get it done. We will be expanding our processing for 2015, Under Self Government, if you need a licence, issue your own. 
     Garden Party 2015 Goal : 20% Reduction of Fossil Fuel Consumption. 

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