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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lottery Commission Composted.

     Legalized Organized Crime, brought into existence by Dan Miller of the New Democratic Party against the desires of the Majority of BC residents. What happened to Democracy? They even call themselves the 'Democratic Party'.
     Saying gambling revenues would be for charities.  If you include the charities created because of gambling, and the contribution drop to charities that went to the lotteries, all that changed was that the Governments got addicted to gambling cash, criminal corporations got their action in the form of supplies, equipment, service, advertising, sales, and what they can get away with. The charities get $1 for every $100 of ticket income. And most of that is wasted. 
     All this human activity, add in transportation, mining and smelting, logging and pulp mills, we require a lot of energy for something useless that just adds to toxic land fill sites. We also know Gambling is a social problem.
     Well, we knew all this a long time ago, Canadians outlawed gambling because. It was a big social problem in the 1920's. They left church charities, bingo's, once a year community fair fund raising,, and horse racing, as horse raising was done by many farmers as income. All other gambling was illegal. 
     But gambling is back, and, the environmental impact is bigger. The Garden Party is pulling dirt away from the roots of weeds and recommends all spies stop buying even one lotto ticket.
     The Garden Party, Self Government is giving severance pay for all members of the Lottery Commission, a Hoe and Shovel, so they can grow their pension.

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