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Friday, December 12, 2014

Italy Ending Taxes?

    Slave taxes are getting the workers upset in Italy. They are tired of paying to feed their greedy corrupt government. Word is, some have stopped paying Taxes. Perhaps this will be a national strike. Everybody stop paying taxes if you are unhappy with government, give them nothing, not even a cab ride. 
     There are many ways to change Government. If the only goal is to replace heads, you will be replacing heads a long time. Now if you bring in 'new government', on gradual take over, that can evolve, you won't have to build on the top of crumbling brick. As you create, you are the foundation of your 'new government'. If your brick is dense and well grounded, it will sustain. Gardening Helps.
     Only 13 More Non-Shopping Days to Xmas. Feeling Rich?


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