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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

House Prices Fall, Canada

     We are making progress. As predicted and thanks to the Garden Party Policy of Buying Nothing, the price of houses are expected to fall 50% by the end of 2015. Sell now, or just stop paying your mortgage and get a tent. Food Banks are  the Second Best Investment in Canada, Gardens are the best, once started, they just keep on growing.
     Of course the lower valued Canadian Dollar will make food prices jump since most food is imported. Throw in weather changes and food shortages, expect a price increase of 40% or more by the end of 2015. All the more reason to start a garden. 
     There will be a prolonged slowdown in the construction industry on top of what has already been a slow down. Carpenters are advised to build Greenhouses and buy garden tools. 
     This is a regular a regular 'heads up' Financial Projection from our Minister of Finance who is already living in a tent. He Claims that the cost of money is far more than its worth, and refuses to use it. 

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