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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here Comes Santa

      Here comes an extra130 million pound gift for the dumps. Toxins will still be leaching out into the ground water or fish river on their way to the ocean for seven generations, Merry Christmas next seven generations. Nice gift that has a long lasting quality to it, sure to be appreciated. 
     The Garden Party is calling for a 20% reduction of waste for 2015. This includes recycled materials. Take on the challenge without Government Interference. 20% less in the Garbage Can, Recycling  Box, Compost Bin, Medicine Cabinet and Gas Tank.
     We do not have to wait for Governments to balance books that have no mathematical integrity while they are actually trying to increase our garbage making, earth raping productivity.  
     This is a grass roots rejection of Corporate Capitalism, by The Garden Party. Growing and consuming local food is one of the best ways to lower our environmental impact. Stop buying junk and Grow a Garden.

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