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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Harper Closes Door to Refugees.

     The Fraud Elected Prime Minister is closing the door on the Syrian Refugees. When the rest of the world is increasing the amount of refugees they are taking in to help and protect, Canada is decreasing.  Shame on the Conservative Party for putting up with Harper as their Leader.  Meeting Panda Bears are more important than meeting First Nation Youth. 
     Business is more valuable than our environment to Harper. Well the markets are going down as predicted because of our Buy Nothing Days, 21st of Every Month, We also predict that the whole tar sands, the biggest air and water polluter in Canada will soon Crash.
     We expect the best investment to make is in The Fasted Growing Industry in Canada, Food Banks, if there is not one in your community yet, there soon will be, hard to stop progress. Getting lots of Gardens going will make them sustainable. Only Garden Tools are allowed as Gifts for Xmas this year. One other gift is encouraged, can be requested from a refugee camp. That would be a fine gift, and they can garden.

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  1. what about Canadian refugees? IDPs - Internally Displaced People?