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Saturday, December 27, 2014

GP Emergency Response.

Hopefully the last emergency response we have fund out of our budget for 2015. We are catching human flesh and blood people falling everywhere through the widening cracks of the old established social services. Falling past the many poverty pimp charitable organizations right on past the churches closed doors and landing on our doorstep. And compassion for the suffering is a strong human trait. Mostly these human traits seem decrease as the well intended institutions age. They all consume growing budgets, their jobs are more of finding new ways to deny service, than help people caught in bind. The social institutions established today are such a failure that some are adding more problems than they are solving. Maybe not all need a complete overhaul, some aspects of the meat inspectors  are getting good reports. To be continued. Even a crisis and often a crisis, makes for a better people. Time to stop repeating the same mistakes. Happy New Year. 
     Two days old.
     Two years old,
    Forty years old.

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